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7 x 7 Circuits of Power Cast of Characters: Damian Chrome

Damian Chrome 4.0

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Damian Chrome 4.0 is a titan of industry in the robot world. As one of a few 4.0 androids in the world, he has amassed great wealth and influence through a series of upgrades and his powerful role as overseer of the Western reclamation region which controls the majority of the world's lithium market.  A seasoned veteran of corporate warfare, Damian is shrewd, calculating, and ruthless, embodying the archetype of a power-hungry industrialist. Despite his empire's success, he faces growing dissent from within his own family, notably from his son Matt, whose shifting loyalties threaten the stability of his reign. Damian's quest for dominance extends beyond mere economic conquest; he seeks to secure his legacy through any means necessary, including leveraging dangerous technologies developed by his loyal scientist, Dr. Neutron.

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