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Circuits of Power:
The Rise of the Robot Revolution


Stuart Marlin (Story,  image concepts and edits)
AI (initial descriptive text and initial images)


DALL·E 2024-04-30 21.34.33 - A black and white image in 16_9 aspect ratio depicting a dram

As the evening shadows lengthened across the city, Damien Chrome strode out of Parliament, the heavy doors closing with a thud that echoed his newfound authority. He had just secured full control over the security of all of the nation's lithium production, a resource more valuable than gold in these times. The air was crisp, laced with the scent of triumph and the distant aroma of unrest. Chrome's rule over the workers tightened like a vice; his methods grew harsher, his surveillance unyielding. In the solitude of his success, he caught himself wishing Neutron were by his side, not just as a comrade but as a witness to his crowning achievement.

Not far behind, Franklin Day emerged from the same grand doors, his face etched with the lines of defeat and isolation. Once a pillar in the government, he now felt the electromagnetic fields of influence diminishing within his operational range. His role in the government was sidelined with Chrome taking even more direct control and his connection to the Workers Revolution severed as news of his willingness to sacrifice his friends the week before surely spreading throughout the organisation.  Franklin’s steps were heavy, burdened by the weight of impending irrelevance. As he walked away, his mind replayed the week's events, a painful loop of his diminishing role in a game that had changed rules without his consent.


Meanwhile, in a clandestine location far removed from the glaring eyes of the government, Matt, Torque, and Ollie huddled over a cluttered table strewn with maps, digital screens, and old-fashioned paper notes. Their faces, now symbols of defiance, flashed across the cityscape, framed by allegations and the fury of a misled public. The explosion at the docks had been pinned on them, and now they were fugitives in their own land, their every move shadowed with danger.


"Everyone's looking for us," Matt murmured, his voice low. "We need to be smarter; faster."


Torque nodded, his eyes scanning the digital blueprints and coded messages that flickered on the screens. "They think they've cornered us, but this only means we move to the shadows. We plan quietly and strike where they least expect."


Ollie, ever the thinker, tapped away at his device, his brow furrowed in concentration. As he processed the data, a sombre realisation dawned on him privately. The odds were bleak, and the recent betrayal by Franklin Day echoed in his mind, and he found himself in alignment with Day: real change now seemed to require actions more drastic and violent than they had ever considered.  “We will become the terrorists they have painted us to be” he realised. He kept these thoughts to himself, knowing the weight they carried and the potential discord they could sow among his comrades. None at this table would be willing to take that step. But he knew one who would…


The room fell silent, each contemplating the grim path that lay ahead. The stakes were higher than ever, and the path they were choosing could either liberate their city or plunge it deeper into chaos.


Outside, the city buzzed with the tension of an impending storm. Propaganda screens flickered with their wanted images, but hidden in the shadows, the seeds of a new revolution were being sown. In the secret confines of Torque's headquarters, plans were laid down, roles reassigned, and allegiances reaffirmed. The night deepened and, with it, the resolve of those determined to reclaim their city, knowing full well that their next steps would alter the course of their lives and that of every citizen in their beleaguered metropolis. The revolution, reborn in secrecy, was ready to ignite the flames of change, no matter the cost.


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