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Workers Revolution.WEBP

7 x 7 Circuits of Power Cast of Characters: 

Workers Revolution

At the heart of Megacity lies the sprawling battery factory, a critical hub for the city's energy supply and the recent epicentre of a burgeoning strike. The robotic workers, once the silent cogs in the vast industrial machine, have laid down their tools and taken up banners, their electronic voices uniting in chants for fair treatment and equitable resource distribution. The atmosphere is charged with a mix of hope and defiance as workers from all sectors join in solidarity, disrupting the city's lithium supply chain, which is crucial to robot functionality.

Unbeknownst to the strikers, their peaceful demonstration has made them the target of a sinister plot. Dr. Neutron, working under Damian Chrome's directive, sees this congregation as the perfect testing ground for his latest invention—an energy ray designed to incapacitate robot brains. The device, poised on the outskirts of the rally, threatens to transform the peaceful protest into a scene of chaos and devastation. As the tension mounts, the air thick with the electricity of both the strikers’ resolve and the looming threat, the factory grounds become not just a battleground for rights and recognition, but a potential site of tragedy that could alter the course of the robot world forever.

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